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head lights will become the mainstream market for 10 years
Source:seveneader Published:2014-10-14 Views:
Since the nineteenth century, the world's first car in Karl Benz in the hands of the birth, people always make for automotive lighting continuous exploration, especially automotive lighting headlamp is always the focus of the study, experienced acetylene gas lighting, incandescent lamps, halogen, xenon lamp post, 1986 Nissan 300ZX cars in the use of 72 as a central brake light LED. Marking the LED began to enter the automotive application, developed to LED headlamp has entered the public eye.

According to statistics, China has the ability to purchase for 20 million families, our country could become the world's third largest auto market, accounting for 6% of the global share, second only to the United States and Japan. By 2025, the scale of China's auto market will reach the current size of the United States auto market. China has become the world's fastest growing car sales region. According to statistics of China Automobile Industry Association, in 2009 domestic sales reached 15 billion yuan more than head lights, including LED head lights share of the market share increased year by year, to Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp Company, for example, in 2009 the total car sales of LED head lights 11.7% lamp sales. Expects 2011 sales accounted head lights LED head lights proportion will reach more than 15 percent, while sales accounted for head lights to LED head lights proportion of total sales in 2015 will reach more than 30%.

At present, the new high-end models in the market, LED taillights (rear combination lamps) have become mainstream. Domestic LED head lights applications will become increasingly popular, and to the proliferation of low-end models. Future trends in the automotive LED lamps will be the high-power white light illumination and high power white lights, such as headlights, front fog lights, reversing lights and so on. Overall, about 10 years, LED lighting will become the mainstream car. (Mostly lights) in the domestic market, with the Japanese luxury cars the most. Europe and the United States lines up with the development of high-end cars. Also has applications on Roewe, Chery, Brilliance and other independent brand cars. In foreign countries, LED headlamps have been adopted in several models, but only in small quantities. Domestic LED headlights still under development, the Shanghai Koito 2008 on three Shanghai Roewe brand hybrid car test equipment of a full LED head lights (including headlights). Estimated domestic LED headlights really need to market more than two years.

Looking at the current domestic lighting market competitors, sales of the top ten companies in the business has accounted for more than half of foreign origin country

Apart from the application of LED head lights luminous efficiency and cost, due to the curved shape of the automotive lighting is more complex, limited interior space and a closed, high-power LED applications heat is a problem. Currently, thermal simulation technology, LED light efficiency and cooling technologies are relatively weak. LED head lights with conventional lamps currently there is a large difference in price, such as a high-end cars, the incandescent lamp 120 yuan portfolio / set, while the LED combination lamps need 210 yuan / sets. Therefore, LED prices drop, and constantly improve the luminous efficiency and improved cooling technology is increasingly the main focus in the future development of LED auto lamps.

With the gradual improvement of LED cost-effective and low-carbon economy, LED head lights in applications will be more and more. The main focus of LED auto lamps, along with the gradual improvement of LED cost and low-carbon economy, LED head lights in applications will be more and more.