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auto lamp maintenance details Share
Source:Seveneader Published:2014-12-4 Views:
Car headlight, commonly known as "headlight", due to the lighting work bears driving at night, you can say the equivalent of a car headlight eyes. If you do not protect the good, then it will bring the risk of driving the process.
As the saying goes, "The eyes are the windows of the soul," The eye is the lamp of the car. So visible "eyes" of its importance, the "eyes" of the love we all know from the usual start, Xiao Bian today to summarize how the conservation of their headlights.

"Eye protection award first one: Do not use inferior bulbs.

Headlights "soul" is its bulb, its performance will affect the effect of lighting at night is directly related to traffic safety. Therefore, you should use high quality headlight bulbs, in order to fully ensure safety. What harm would use inferior bulb? First, naturally inferior short bulb life, can not guarantee consistent quality. Harbin Xiao Bian said second car to buy high-quality light bulb is good, high brightness, and lack of inferior bulb brightness, focus is not focused, close range, when overtaking, the driver will generate an optical illusion, prone to accidents. In addition, poor lighting because it is easy when Mifengbuyan water, rain or washing, will produce fog lights inside, can cause severe short circuit fire. Therefore, to make alterations headlight is damaged or needs to be replaced when the reason, do not consider the poor quality of the bulb.

"Second Prize eye protection measure: to do routine maintenance.

Depending on the light principle, the headlight bulbs can be divided into vacuum lamps, halogen and xenon lamps and other types. Halogen lamps and vacuum cheap, common, however short-lived, usually hundreds of hours. Xenon lamp life can reach 2500 to 3000 hours, and better lighting effects, but higher prices. Of course, no matter what type of light bulb, the basic maintenance of common sense are similar.

With the regular maintenance like oil filter needs to be replaced, headlight bulbs also require periodic replacement. Harbin Xiao Bian said generally buy every car traveling 50,000 kilometers, or about two years, will be reduced brightness headlight bulb, a good time to look at the 4S shop for testing, if indeed there is insufficient brightness, it is recommended to replace bulbs, recommended both sides at the same time replaced, so brightness is not the same on both sides of the situation. Because I was not replaced after the lamp brightness decreases, resulting in wasted time inspection.

In another case the light levels decrease, due to environmental influences cause aging shade, the same headlight brightness will be reduced to 50%. Shades dirt and aging also make light blur, gives rise to vertigo, therefore, must be replaced aging shade.

"Third Prize eye protection measure: Yourself adjust lights.

When the vehicle inspection, will detect the lights beam position is correct. Harbin Xiao Bian say the right car to buy beam position makes clearer vision, driving safer, when in fact there is a problem in the headlights, not necessarily not go to the 4S shop to adjust yourself is very easy, and fun.

First, choose a dark environment, such as underground parking take a look at who the night, the front of the park is on a wall, the front and the wall as far as possible on the positive, about 5,6 meters apart;

The second step, turn lights, with thick opaque cloth cover a lamp, each one individually adjustable headlights. In order to ensure the headlight beam position in the normal driving position, it is best not to let the vehicle is empty, you can find a friend sitting in the driver's seat;

The third step, the lights in the light of the scope of the center of the wall to make a mark with a marker or chalk, while the car standard wall at a position corresponding to also make a mark.

Were measured from both sides of the lamp and the center position of the mark, the two distances should be equal. If outward or inward bias phenomenon, you should look at the vehicle manual, make fine adjustment with a screwdriver, making two symmetrical position lights;

The fourth step is to adjust the height of the beam, the right side should be completely level direct lights, the lights are left to raise up about 10cm, but not so high that, in order to avoid the direct opposite to the light vehicle driver's eyes. The lights of the illuminated area on the right side can be biased to the right of some to enhance the visibility of the vehicle on the right.

Normally the original headlights mist how to do?

It should be noted that, in some cases even the original headlight, there will be mist appears. This may be a small amount of moist air from the internal cooling passage into the headlight, because of the temperature difference in the shade reasons condensation wall. Then just turn on the lights for about 10 minutes or so, the fog will disappear, is a normal phenomenon. However, even if often a lot of mist droplets, and you can not turn on the lights way to eliminate, you need to check the tightness of the headlight. Xiao Bian said Harbin buy car regardless of what happens in the vapor lamp, the lamp does not use external heating methods to eliminate, or is likely to cause irreparable damage.

Bulb not the more expensive the better

Note that the replacement bulb is not more expensive the better, should choose their own models models, in addition to Xenon lighting system adapted for the line, there are strict requirements, can not easily do this. If the modification caused by spontaneous combustion vehicles and other issues, but the insurance company does not pay Oh!

Special note: Do not start work best luxury car headlight adjustment. Xiao Bian said Harbin buy another car, the headlights and some vehicles with servo steering function, do not try to adjust yourself.