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Camry Xenon headlights highlight the humane care of high-tech
Source:SevenEader Published:2014-9-30 Views:
Camry (Camry news, Camry speak) before Xenon headlamps under beautiful, "coat", practical and high-tech contains more commendable, a perfect combination of aesthetics and technology. Headlight Camry models are equipped with AFS intelligent servo system, ALS automatic beam adjustment system, and four 200E models are equipped with headlight cleaning system outside.

Generally, ordinary car headlights mounted on a fixed exposure range, at night when the car turn in the corners, unable to adjust the lighting angle, often there will be "blind spot" on the inside of the corners, which greatly threaten the driving safety at night. AFS intelligent servo system effectively solves this problem. In the Camry, for example, at night when cornering, AFS can be based on the vehicle speed and the steering angle of the steering wheel, automatic headlight adjustment on both sides of the illuminated area, eliminating the "blind spot."

If the AFS control is "about" to adjust the lights, then the ALS control is light "up and down" adjustment. Typically, the car with the body horizontal beam headlamps consistent. If the rear load is large, horizontal body will inevitably be higher, so the headlight beams also will rise, motorists will have the opposite of the vehicle interference. Motorists will generally abhor this fact, which is the cause of many of the accident. ALS causes a heavy load in the rear body angle up, can automatically adjust the beam angle, keeping the beam level, to avoid interference.