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Bumper to how to maintain
Source:Seveneader Published:2014-11-26 Views:
Bumper role in the course can be imagined of. In so many car parts among the most likely to damage the bumper is. However, if the bumper hit deformation, can only spend money to enchant a new one. To prevent bumper deformation, in addition to the driver to know the safe driving, there is to rely on routine maintenance.
     First, the daily life to avoid crashing the car bumper methods:
    (1) indicates that the column in the corner of the bumper standard. This means that erected a marker in the corner of the bumper. Often because of the corner and hurt bumper fitted with a driver's best, this can very clearly see the location where the bumper, significantly decreasing the chance of damage to the bumper. But now there are a lot of the company's products in the instructions to install automatic retractable column, convenient and safe.
     (2) is mounted on the corner of the bumper rubber, so that even if the corner, the corner bumper when encountered, it is possible to reduce the damage to the bumper. Bumper corners yes. Car shell hurt easiest part, but the corners are very thick rubber pads, bumper stickers in the corner, and if you want to have an overall sense of the body looks like, you can spray paint.
     Second, bumper repair yourself approach:
    (1) selection of a synthetic agent can fix the bumper itself.
    (2) use a knife to scrape the burrs bumper, remember to gently scrape the surface of the bumper smooth finishing, potholes part can be filled with putty.
    (3) with a brush to brush clean booty bumper, so as to make the putty stick even more firmly. The best part of the repair paint stripping to remove the oil dilution bumper surface.
    (4) mixed with a putty bumper, the gray main agents, hardeners are out of the same length, which is to be carried out in accordance with product instructions. After mixing well, with good putty blade coating, trick is partially embedded scars.
    (5) After 2-3 hours, putty strong, with 1000 numbers around water sanding, painting and then after a week.