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Four strokes teach you choose Auto lamp
Source:Seveneader Published:2014-11-17 Views:
Automotive lighting distribution industry is currently divided into three major markets, namely vehicle matching the market, professional repair market, auto parts retail market. After several years of automotive lighting supervision found that the quality of parts used in vehicle production plant more optimistic; product quality parts special maintenance department is more assured; product quality auto parts stores worrying.

Automotive Lighting is mainly composed of three parts: with light microscopy, mirrors, auto bulbs. The design and location of both the light and the light bulb filament mirror, mirror with the reasonableness of the key factors directly affect the quality of lighting products.

Do not just look at price

Automotive lamps on the market from a dozen to a hundred, of varying quality; and matching lamps price substantially in the tens of dollars, generally do not circulate in the auto market. When consumers buy products not only focus on product prices.

Buy well-known manufacturers of products

Consumers should give priority to the use of well-known production of automotive lighting products, light bulbs you can use a regular light bulb manufacturer of large-scale product, do not buy three products.

Careful View certificate

In addition to viewing the product certification, you can also view the implementation of standard products business name, address, phone view products.

Simple visual inspection can be carried out

Automotive lighting products should look no adverse defects, feel smooth, no glitches; bulbs should be the national standard bulbs automotive products; for automotive headlamp products, consumers in the purchase can be viewed in its optical-shaped cut-off line is clear, neat.