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How to properly use head lights
Source:SevenEader Published:2014-9-30 Views:
need to regulate the use of lights

Automotive lighting, including running lights, low beam lights, high beam, fog lights, turn lights, down lights and other types, they are duties. There are drivers to be punished because of the abuse of high beam when traffic police and say they do not yet know the difference between low beam lights!

running lights: show azimuth size

The first stop light switch, then the car dashboard lights all lit, front and rear lights also two small lights. This little two lamps brightness, mainly to allow the four corners of the body can be seen. Usually in the darkening sky, rain or in the dark underground parking place running lights should be lit.

near light: Basic relied night

Used when driving at night downtown. On the one hand the city's roads have street lighting, no high beam to probe as far from the road, just to see the front of the car to road conditions; urban road traffic is heavy on the other hand, the opening words of the high beam will result not only in the opposite car driver dazzling, but the sight of pedestrians on the road on both sides also have an impact.

High beam: for wilderness

In the wilderness or no street lighting on roads suitable for the high beam, but the car should be in exchange for the low beam to avoid dazzling drivers opposite. When the high beam lights, car dashboard will light striking blue lights as a reminder.

turn lights: Steering remember to use it

The most basic use of the turn signal is given to other vehicles and passers-by turn signal when the vehicle is turning to alert others to pay attention. Sometimes turn lights can also act as lighting effects in a narrow place, in order to observe the drivers on both sides of the obstacle. Turn lights on both sides simultaneously open and show a warning when starting wide effect.

fog: inclement weather helper

As the name suggests, is a light signal in the rain fog foggy weather use fog lights in the fog penetration stronger, and therefore easier for vehicles and pedestrians early noticed.

reversing lights: reducing reversing blind

Rear when reversing lights will be white reversing lights, one can illuminate the rear of the road, obstacles, reduce blind spots when reversing, on the other hand is also a reminder to the rear of the pedestrians.

Check the bulbs precautionary

In normal use and routine maintenance, the car ground to check whether the main attention nocturnal showing the wide lights, fog lights, brake lights and other work, if found black light bulbs should be replaced.

carry spare bulbs pending

Vehicle to read the instructions, usually keep in mind that light bulb, socket structure, good advance preparation to cope with the occurrence of a temporary situation. Various types of light bulbs, if conditional, should be ready to brake lights and direction indicators spares.

determine the cause fogging inside the lamp

If the head lights dust cover cracking, easy to make rainwater into the lights, forming mist in the shade while driving. Once the water head lights brightness will be affected, there may be corrosion of the circuit connector, so that damage to head lights. At this time, the owner can open the dust cover head lights and open the headlights. 10 minutes after opening the headlights, fog head lights begin to disappear within 1 hour to completely disappear. If there is fog, it is necessary to professional service station for processing.

adjust the lighting is very particular about

If there is a need, according to car owners can use manual prompt, appropriate adjustments to the height of head lights beam. In general, the right level of direct head lights should be completely left head lights should be revised upwards 10 cm. head lights adjustment is not too high, so as to truck drivers to spend the opposite eye.

In addition, the width of head lights illumination can also be adjusted appropriately, we recommend the right head lights beam adjustment was slightly to the right, so that even in the rain and fog, low visibility, you can see more clearly on the right side of the road. Under the load of a person's status, the lights have to be able to be more balanced tone.