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Vehicle Maintenance: Do It Yourself adjust head lights
Source:Seveneader Published:2014-10-14 Views:
Summer summer heat fading, many people like myself hard at this time for a summer car to do some care. Remember, a relatively easy to overlook the work is carried out to check the car's lights and adjustment. In the coming winter, the one bright head lights will definitely have a good car driving assistance. For people like yourself, is a good opportunity for them to adjust the head lights to show their talents.

First, choose a night to park in one wall. Perpendicular to the wall as possible so that the front and keep a distance of about 10 meters. First head lights turned on, and a head lights cover with a thick cloth to individually adjust the headlights on both sides. Remember, the vehicle load is not too high, nor too light, so head lights it can be adjusted relatively balanced. Recommend to a friend sitting in the car, so not only can maintain the proper load, but can someone help.

After the head lights turn on, the light projected on the wall with chalk recorded about whether head lights should remain equidistant from the middle of the car's central axis. If the outward or inward bias bias occurs, it must be based on manual car with a screwdriver to adjust the tips. As for the height of the right head lights beam head lights should be completely level direct, but left head lights should be revised upwards 10 cm. Note Do not adjust the head lights are too high, it will take the opposite according to the driver's eyes. In addition to the height, the width of head lights light can also be adjusted, right head lights beam can be adjusted too little to the right side, so that the low visibility of rain and fog on the right road will be seen more clearly.

Of course, you can adjust the head lights to allow workers to the garage's do it, but it only takes a few yourself, but a lot of fun.