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auto lamp maintenance methods
Source:Seveneader Published:2014-10-14 Views:
Headlight is the most important lighting, traffic laws in luminosity of headlamps, the illuminated area have requested, lighting effects directly affect you and others traffic safety. There are closed and the headlight bulb can replace the two. Closed refers to the bulb and lens shade made of a whole, to facilitate the mass production of the entire lamp. Most mini-cars and light commercial vehicles of square, round lights are closed. Car headlights and more irregular shape is not conducive made closed, so the use of light bulbs and shade, lens separate structure. The trend now is that the more high-end cars, more and more use of replaceable bulb headlamps.

Auxiliary lamps are much simpler structure, most of the general incandescent bulb, together with the colored plastic lens. The past two years, some imported cars in the auxiliary lamp bulb with a colored transparent shade, this lamp looks shiny indeed look good, but the versatility of the bulb, but a lot worse.

Check the entire vehicle lighting effects

Right headlight request is simple: photometric enough, the projection angle appropriate. Light vehicle line test items examined over time, but in everyday use, as long as they feel good on the line. Lighting headlights and two major factors: the luminosity and angle. There will be bumps in the car in motion, vibration, so the light will appear loose, misplaced, the most common reason for this is the decline of lighting effects.

Headlight angle are adjustable, mostly in front of the cabin inside, behind the headlights, by positioning screw to adjust, there is something in the car to adjust, or in the car electrically adjustable. Without the aid of metering equipment can be parked on a straight road, start the engine, but you must remember that it is sufficient to maintain normal working headlights to generator power, after each trimming angle, the beam, high beam switch between adjusting to you feel good on it.

Auxiliary lighting aspect, showing the wide lights, brake lights and reversing lights requirement is bright enough, no flashing, turn lights flashing frequency should be between 60 to 120 beats per minute, and the frequency of the front and rear lights should be consistent. Assist lamp is not bright enough, you should observe whether there are aging and yellowing shade or water leakage caused by water vapor. Clean lampshade method is very simple, as long as the shade apart, inside with a damp cloth to wipe clean. If you feel light projection angle is no problem, but the lighting effects are still not good, it is the changing light bulbs up. Car headlight bulbs have two kinds of incandescent and halogen lamps, halogen lamps which higher power efficiency, long life expectancy, although the price is higher, but has now become mainstream. When you purchase bulbs, bulbs should be aware of new and original lamp power is fully consistent, because if the power will be immediately burned, the brightness is small enough, usually in the vicinity of the lamp will be affixed with a label marked power.

Yourself changing light bulbs

Removing the bulb from the back of the lamp start, first remove the lamp back-end plastic or rubber sleeve, plastic sleeve is unscrewed, the rubber sleeve can be directly opened, then you can see the base portion. Most bulbs are fixed to the wire spring, the spring wire around what will shake loose, then you can pull out the holder, and then be sure to check the lamp power again. Halogen bulbs is a small cylindrical glass tube, when you pick up the new bulb remember not to touch the glass surface, otherwise stick on the glass of oil and grease cause the lamp to power the temperature soared, causing the bulb to break. There are several positioning pin bulb base, the new lamp into the original position, make sure the bulb is not loose, then in reverse order when the demolition, the whole headlight restoration prototype on it. After completion you can return to the driver's seat, turn the headlight switch and enjoy the fruits of their labor a. In other auxiliary lamp bulb is more simple, generally also be demolished from the rear lamps. Most lights bulbs are fixed on a base plate, this floor can be easily unloaded with a screwdriver. If the lamp, the first to remove the trunk interior panels. Assist lamp bulbs are generally spherical incandescent, fixation is our common home, right angle plug lock. And headlights like, remember to replace the same wattage bulbs.