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Maintenance head lights head lamp
Source:Seveneader Published:2014-10-14 Views:
Long working hours, people will be eye fatigue, cars are no exception. Take a look at the following car headlights routine maintenance and repair.
Check exterior lighting bulbs burn out failure is an extremely quick and simple task, however, the vehicle lighting system is a comprehensive maintenance is not so simple. Timely maintenance of the vehicle lighting is essential for drivers, because it affects not only driving comfort, but also directly related to traffic safety. Usually before getting reminded, the owner is difficult to realize that headlights, taillights, turn lights or parking lights no longer work properly. Incidentally, replace burned out bulbs work is very simple, the cost is lower than its DIY repair station for charging standard lighting system maintenance.
More often, the fault must not be limited lights bulbs burn out, or plug socket corrosion damage of this kind of small issues that often require specialized diagnostic techniques to analyze the root cause of failure. Even those low-cost vehicles, interior and exterior lighting is controlled by the host computer. And those luxury cars, only their headlights on by three computer controlled.
If your car is equipped with daytime running lights system DRL, you must first understand the working principle of these devices. For example, some daytime running lights system before starting the engine, its daytime running lights can not be opened; There are daytime running lights system, if the parking brake has not been canceled, even if the engine has started, the daytime running lights are still not working properly. If the vehicle is equipped with a light control light (ie, when the outside light is dim to a certain extent, the system has automatically turn headlights function), may wish to check the status of a photosensitive from the weakest to the strongest head lights during the work, of course, Do not ignore the check automatically turn off the timer. If the system is equipped with a timer, set it to the maximum delay.
If the headlight is damaged, usually similar fixtures were replaced. Some cars are equipped with high-intensity discharge headlamps HID, high-pressure arc of the device through its pre-designed electronic system to produce high-density discharge generates light. Note that ordinary quartz - halogen bulbs can not be applied here. Also, check if there are cracks headlights, because although the surface cracks do not affect the lighting performance headlights, but the moisture will penetrate cracks along the fixture, which is bound to reduce the lamp life.
Calibration headlight illumination direction should also be included in the list of maintenance items, because in order to ensure maximum safety of motorists driving, headlights must be able to provide good lighting for vehicles traveling forward.
I grabbed the key, but also must not forget to check other light-based, such as turn signals, license plate light, showing the wide lights, parking lights, down lights and brake lights (including the middle brake light CHMSL) and so on. In addition, many vehicles will be fog lights as standard equipment or popular attachments, fog lights usually installed in the car a lower position, and therefore vulnerable to stone damage, while its maintenance, in addition to checking the lighting system itself, the head lights should not be overlooked cracks.