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Placed an order today and the person taking the order was very professional and very fast. He evn gave me an additional discount. I really like my experience with your company, please keep up the great job!



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The success of the auto spare parts is of pivotal importance to our approach at SevenEader.

As the Planets have orbital reliance on the Sun,we have branded our products with the same customer commitment. With consistent customer focus we will became a world leader in the auto spare parts industry.

Belief in our core values is paramount, as is a sincere appreciation for the trust of our customers and the support of our competent partners and investors supported by the continuous diligence of all our staff.

An important reason for our success is that we have pursued and lived our vision in every detail –to offer products of premium quality at affordable prices. We have continually questioned our thinking and actions through our communication with all market partners and other involved parties. We work on creating innovation –whether it is big or small, and constantly strive for perfection and the highest efficiency with our own manufacturing. This is equally true for auto spare parts performance on the customer’s premises.

SevenEader's main corparate values:

Serve the consumers "Serve the consumers" is the main corporate value and faith since we've founded.

Just because your trust and support, we will carry on "serve the consumer" as our main corparate value for you and us.

"To do simple business" is our business concept as always.Customers are our benefactors therefore we treasure every customer and trust them.

We strictly on service, products and our promises to make you a simple Business.
Choosing us "Easy, but not simple"